About Us

Clanwilliam Group, headquartered in Dublin, is an expanding healthcare, technology and services business.

While Clanwillliam Group is still a young company – existing in its current form since 2014 – its businesses and brands have long rich heritages.

The Group consists of a number healthcare technology and services businesses.

Our products and services are trusted by tens of thousands of users every day in private and public clinical settings across the UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as other worldwide locations.

And it’s people – healthcare professionals, patients and their families – who benefit from the work we do.

Clanwilliam Group’s growth strategy is to actively develop a global group of highly synergistic healthcare technology and services business. This strategy is designed to build a stronger, globally integrated business that delivers sustainable value to our customers.

We may be a wide group of people, but we are all like-minded. We all share a vision and a drive to improve healthcare.

Current businesses and brands within Clanwilliam Group include: Clanwilliam Health | Medical Managements Services | Claimsure Sláinte (Ireland) | Bluespier | Epic Solutions | Maxwell Stanley Consulting | Toniq | Medical Business Systems | Medisec Software