Brand Portfolio

Uniting complementary brands and companies into one family is our goal. However, Clanwilliam Group is committed to maintaining their individual identities, uniqueness and customer engagement.

Over the next five years, we will continue to grow our Group. We expect to acquire like-minded businesses and to expand in our core markets.

The aims of our mergers & acquisitions program are:

  • To engage with companies that fit with our overall strategy and can add value to the Group
  • To find businesses where we can back a successful entrepreneur and/or management team
  • To seek complementary technology, services or intellectual property that can enhance our customer offerings

Throughout any merger or acquisition, our top priorities are to preserve the positive brand equity of the newly acquired business and to keep both customers and staff happy. As our Group grows, we all benefit from the operational, resource and technical advantages of being a larger organisation.

Our senior management team help to define the overall strategy while each business works closely with our customers and the markets. Through this balance and collaboration, our group will continue to strengthen and grow.

Our Mergers and Acquisitions approach