What We Do

Our technology and services are essential to healthcare professionals and the challenges they face today. By being a larger Group, we help them to access the products that suit them best as well as ensuring they get the best possible customer care, innovation and management at all times.

In Practice Management, we provide software applications (traditional and cloud) and business services to both General Practitioners and Hospital Consultants. We have tens of thousands of customers/users across Ireland and the UK.

In Pharmacy, we provide software applications for both community and hospital pharmacies. Our user base includes major chains, a large number of independent pharmacies as well as National Hospitals and Private Hospitals.

Our unique position and experience in the healthcare sector has also allowed us to deliver a number of bespoke technology systems as well as fuel our involvement in bigger picture projects such as:

  • e-referral scheme
  • Individual Health Identifier (IHI)
  • e-Script

We have established user driven forums and technology steering boards to help drive our product strategies. Members of these groups are drawn from a diverse range of users and stakeholders in their respective market segments.

Empowering our customers and delivering on their technology and service expectations and ideas, is central to increasing healthcare efficiencies and improving patient care all round.