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25 Years of Innovation in Healthcare

Written by:

Stephen Byrne

Marketing Executive

Today, Clanwilliam Group marks 25 years of innovation in healthcare.  On this anniversary, we thank all our loyal and long-standing customers, staff and stakeholders who make Clanwilliam Group what it is today.


On this day (29th July) 25 years ago, we received the certificate of incorporation for Clanwilliam Group’s first business, Medicom.  We have accomplished a great deal in that time and it’s been a truly eventful and remarkable journey.  Clanwilliam Group now spans three continents, hosts a team of 1180 staff, over 20 unique brands in more than 20 countries globally, with over 1.5 million clinical users of our innovative healthcare products.

With annual revenues of circa €90 million and growing, we have ambitions to double the business over the next five years whilst remaining focused on improving healthcare for everyone.

For more about Clanwilliam Group and our mission, watch the latest video from our Founder, Howard Beggs.

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