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Who we are

Clanwilliam Group is an family of businesses committed to healthcare, technology and services.

Our services and technology play an essential role every day in both private and public clinical settings. And it is people – healthcare professionals, patients, and their families – who benefit from the work we do.

Today, we are 15 businesses with 1200 employees working across the UK and Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and India. Our products and services help healthcare professionals deliver safer, more efficient and better-quality care to millions of patients worldwide.

We are a wide network of independent companies with one unifying belief: We are caring, innovative and committed to improving healthcare for everyone with a mission to become a global leader in healthcare technology and services.


Connecting People

Connecting Products

Connecting Places

Our Connected Health Vision

We believe that by working together we can have a greater impact on healthcare improvement worldwide.

Our mission is to work together to improve healthcare for everyone by connecting people, products and places within Clanwilliam Group.

Connecting People – we have over 1200 brilliant minds across Clanwilliam Group. We encourage collaboration and idea sharing to help broaden our knowledge and skill set.

Connecting Products – product integration can be critical to improving the flow of patient information, outcomes and experience. We actively seek collaboration opportunities or synergies that lead to greater efficiencies.

Connecting Places – we bring technologies and services from one location to another, if we feel both the business and the customer will benefit. This “This “connected health” mission allows us to build a stronger, globally united company that delivers sustainable value to our customers.

Our Team

Led by Howard Beggs, Group CEO, our leadership team consists of Managing Directors and Group Functional Directors. Managing Directors are responsible for the overall performance of the business they manage. Group Functional Directors support the businesses through their strategic functions while also driving the overall Clanwilliam Group strategy.

Howard Beggs
Group Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Hughes
Chief Marketing Officer
Rory Cremin
Chief Operating Officer
Tara Kearns
Chief People Officer
Dermot Dolan
Chief Technology Officer
Gerry Hunt
Chief Finance Officer
Ronan Lennon
Chief Legal Officer

Our Story

Clanwilliam Group was formed in late 2014 when two leading Irish healthcare technology companies were acquired: Helix Health and Socrates Healthcare (now Clanwilliam Health).

Howard Beggs, then CEO of Helix Health, had a vision to bring together a number of like-minded healthcare businesses across the world. Since 2014, 18 businesses have been acquired by Clanwilliam Group.

Each of these businesses have a unique growth story and share an entrepreneurial spirit and culture that is essential to our ongoing success.

Howard’s entrepreneurial story began in 1995 when he founded a small healthcare technology company (Medicom) to provide software solutions to private medical consultants in Ireland.

Howard then undertook an expansion strategy which saw the business expand from its initial €250k start-up to revenues in excess of €13.5 million by 2014. This strategy was achieved through fundraising, multiple mergers & acquisitions and the management of an ambitious organic growth plan.

Today, the Clanwilliam Group Portfolio consists of 15 businesses, around 1200 employees and revenues of over €90m.

And we’re only getting started.

Enterprise Awards
Investment 1
Investment 2
BOI Venture
Capital Investment
GP Clinical
Helix Health
Group Launched
Investment 3
JD Computers
PharmaSys/Rx Web
Biz Med
US Investment
Socrates Acquisition
Clanwilliam Group Created
Acquisition of
PMMS & Claimsure
Slåinte (Ireland)
Acquisition of Bluespier
& Epic Solutions, Investment in AMI & Notochord
Acquisition of PharmaSys,
MedicalBusiness Systems,
Toniq, Healthlink, Medisec
Completion of a
€200m debt
placement with
Acquisition of dictate.it and PULSE.IT

What we do

Put simply, our products and services help healthcare professionals deliver safer, more efficient and better quality patient care.

Our solutions are trusted by tens of thousands of users every day in private and public clinical settings across the UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as other worldwide locations.

And it’s people – healthcare professionals, patients and their families – who benefit from the work we do.


Medical specialists

Primary care including general practice and community pharmacy

Payer systems

Aged care