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Clanwilliam Group Acquires Claimsure Software & Services

Written by:

Stephen Byrne

Marketing Executive

Clanwilliam Group Acquires Claimsure Software & Services

Sunday, 6th December 2015 – Leading healthcare, technology and services company, Clanwilliam Group, today announced that it has acquired Claimsure Sláinte (Ireland) from Sláinte Healthcare, the international healthcare technology company.


The Claimsure software applications are in use throughout over 50 hospitals in Ireland, both Public and Private with customers including the HSE and numerous private hospitals.


The deal allows Sláinte Healthcare to concentrate its resources on Vitro®, an electronic platform facilitating products as diverse as electronic health records, detainee case management and civil registration.  Vitro is used in over 130 facilities worldwide including Ireland, Australia, the Middle East, Brazil and Central Africa.


Claimsure’s hospital claims management and services solution is associated with better accuracy while reducing the cost of processing insurance claims. Reporting is improved and there is full tracking and visibility of claims, with tools designed to help better manage the flow of documents. The software allows the capturing of patient signatures and consultant data electronically and facilitates electronic submissions to the insurers.


Howard Beggs, CEO of the Clanwilliam Group, said:


“Clanwilliam is in many ways the perfect home for Claimsure Sláinte Ireland. Our priority is finding businesses we can partner with to deliver lasting growth, and Claimsure can now draw on the resources and expertise of the wider Group as it expands into the future. Claimsure customers will continue to deal with the people they know and trust, with 29 staff members transitioning to Clanwilliam as part of the acquisition. Collaboration with the existing Claimsure team will be fundamental – they are the ones that have driven growth to date and created a thriving business with clients ranging from Beacon Hospital to the HSE. To that end, I am delighted to confirm that the founder of Claimsure and Sláinte Healthcare, Andrew Murphy, will remain involved with the Claimsure business.”


Commenting on the sale of Claimsure Sláinte (Ireland), Andrew Murphy, Chief Executive Officer at Sláinte Healthcare said:  “Following a strategic review of our business earlier this year, we came to the conclusion that our Claimsure business unit and our Vitro units have very different characteristics we put plans in place to separate out the businesses with a view to running them independently.   As we were working through this plan, we had an approach from Clanwilliam, the output of which is the deal we are announcing today.


I am extremely proud of what we have achieved in our Claimsure and related services business since starting as a one person office nine years ago.  I’m satisfied that this transaction will enable the Claimsure business to thrive as an independent entity and ensures further substantial investment in the Claimsure, Billsure and related service businesses into the future”


Claimsure was developed by Sláinte Healthcare to assist hospitals in claiming payments from insurers for treatments performed in hospitals. The software is installed in over 50 hospitals throughout Ireland and it accounts for the generation, submission and processing of approximately €1.8bn worth of health insurance claims in Ireland annually.


On the future of Claimsure, Andrew said: “In concluding this deal, we took great care to ensure that all of our Claimsure clients continue to receive the same quality of service they have become accustomed to in recent years. Personally, I will continue to be involved as a Director in the Claimsure business. I am extremely confident that the business will thrive even further under Clanwilliam Group’s direction and future investment.”


Established in 2006 and head quartered in Sandyford in Dublin, Sláinte Healthcare develops proprietary software that drives efficiencies and quality in healthcare.  The Company employs over 145 people in its operations throughout the world, including Ireland, Australia, the Middle East, Central Africa and South America.


For more information about Clanwilliam Group or Sláinte Healthcare visit:www.www.clanwilliamgroup.comwww.Slá