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Driving Success, Growth and Self-Development Through Our Clanwilliam Group Leadership Summits

Written by:

Tara Kearns

Group Director of HR

When we talk about Leadership, we’re not only talking about leading a business as CEO or business leader, we’re referring to the actual journey of self-development, coaching and growth of both leaders and upcoming leaders at all stages in our organisation. Our Leadership ethos explores how we collectively lead together to continue driving success and growth for Clanwilliam group.

Our first Leadership Summit took place in 2015 and they have been held bi-annually ever since, bringing all of our Managing Directors and Functional Directors together for a two-day session. They have proven to be hugely successful and have acted as a cornerstone to Clanwilliam’s leadership journey.

We share our journey, the lessons learnt over the years and what we feel is at the very core of our entrepreneurial DNA. By focusing on leadership development across the group, we are constantly seeking to unlock hidden potential, drive high performance organisations and enjoy year on year organic growth for our family of businesses.

January 2019 saw the launch of our internal Clanwilliam Leadership Institute website, a content rich online forum accessed through our group website, full of useful leadership tools, techniques and interesting topics related to leadership and coaching. This is available for all Management teams across the Group, providing an option to interact and request leadership training sessions on various topics delivered to their teams in person.

“The Leadership Summits give me the opportunity to bench mark and grow my leadership skills internationally. They also provide invaluable opportunities to collaborate and network with my MD colleagues, and this is driving my business further and faster than before.” – Mike Weiss, Managing Director, Konnect NET


At our latest Leadership summit held in London, Randy Nelson joined us as our keynote speaker. Randy is a bestselling author of The Decision Series for Entrepreneurs, public speaker and president of the entrepreneurial coaching and consulting firm Gold Dolphins, LLC. He has been working with our CEO, Howard Beggs and our leaders Clanwilliam Group for a number of years now, so having a speaker who really understands our businesses is hugely beneficial to all of our leaders. Randy focuses on business challenges, emotional fortitude, our top 5 business levers, our financial metrics and most importantly from my perspective, truly knowing ourselves and our blind spots encouraging personal and professional growth.

We were also joined at our last event by speaker Glen Daley. Glen’s session revolved around “The Ultimate Leadership Question” and examined the four key components of trust: competence, openness, reliability and equity.

Our leadership programme, flown under the Clanwilliam Leadership Institute flag, provides us with the tools and resources to really explore the ever evolving concept of Leadership and how great leadership skills are directly linked to engagement and high performance cultures that naturally contribute significantly to the bottom line. Through this programme, it is my aspiration to transform our leaders into great leaders and truly champion our ethos that Clanwilliam leaders create more leaders. With a strong focus on investing in people, a great leader can point to the trail of successful leaders behind them.

We recognise we would not be where we are today without the dedication and hard work of each and every one of our employees around the world. We truly appreciate our workforce and are confident that by developing and investing in our leadership ethos, our respective teams around the globe will benefit and the domino effect will continue. With the world of work changing today more than ever before, we need to stay agile and adaptive to the internal and external environmental challenges that our people are facing. How we lead today is very different to how we led five years ago.

Looking into the future, it is my firm belief that through developing ourselves and our leadership skills in today’s complex climate, we are protecting the future of our business by creating highly valued, engaged and high performing teams committed to our combined vision of improving healthcare for everyone.