Epic Solutions Is Working To Deliver Exceptional Person-centered Care

Epic Solutions: We visit CareChoice to learn how epicCare is helping to deliver exceptional person-centered care

Written by:

Stephen Byrne

Marketing Executive

We visited Director of Nursing at CareChoice, Tania Spelman, to hear how Epic Solutions is helping to drive efficiencies and improve overall performance across their Care Homes.

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Epic Solutions is a prime example of how our groups technology plays a pivotal role in improving healthcare for everyone. Epic Solutions’ flagship product, epicCare, significantly simplifies the provision of care by enabling the sharing of information, better communication between professionals while underpinning industry best practice.

Put simply, epicCare enables care teams to work smarter and focus on the delivery of impactful care.

Sitting in Clanwilliam Group’s Health Division, Epic provides software solutions that are predominantly used in Long Term Care, Care of the Elderly, Sheltered Housing, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. Their solutions are used to manage the care needs of over 20,000 individuals in various healthcare settings.

The companies solutions have been developed in close collaboration with clients working on the front lines of care service provision. Epic want their clients to have maximum flexibility with regard to working location, portability and care at the bedside. Therefore, epicCare can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection. There is nothing to install and the obvious benefits of consolidating diverse interdisciplinary services are immediately evident.

To learn more about Epic you can visit their brand new website.

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