HealthLink and Medical Business Systems Announce Partnership

HealthLink and medical business systems announce strategic partnership

Written by:

Stephen Byrne

Marketing Executive

Leading health-system integrator HealthLink, and Medical Business Systems (MBS), leading provider of anaesthetic software, have announced a strategic partnership to create a secure messaging gateway for specialists to transfer critical patient data to anaesthetists. Both businesses became part of Clanwilliam Group in 2017.

Phase one of the partnership will focus on the secure and confidential transfer of patients’ surgical booking information from specialist practice management solutions to the MBS Platinum Billing, Diary and InTheatre systems. The partnership highlights the growing awareness and demand within healthcare for highly secure and confidential information exchange using encrypted secure messaging.

MBS managing director Mark Laforest said “We investigated several methods for transferring patient booking information from surgical software packages such as Genie and Blue Chip. It was vital that we selected the solution that provided the greatest level of security and privacy for our customers and ultimately, their patients. Our partnership with HealthLink will deliver just that.”

He further stated that “today most patient information is sent from the specialist’s rooms to an anaesthetist via fax or a (PDF) file attachment in an email. There is a need for a more secure method to receive and send patient data for our anaesthetic customers.”

HealthLink CEO Tom Bowden said “We are delighted to partner with MBS on this exciting development. Healthcare data is one of the most sensitive forms of personal information that exists and HealthLink is committed to protecting that data through our highly secure, encrypted messaging services.”

Cheryl Wood, Business Manager at Associated Anaesthetists Group, a large Melbourne-based anaesthetic practice said “Data security is an emerging priority for our business. With the increased reliance on digital transmission of confidential patient information and increased obligations under new and emerging legislative frameworks, MBS’ move to establishing a secure messaging system is a welcome development”.


Acquired by Clanwilliam Group in September 2017, HealthLink is Australasia’s leading health-system integrator, providing a secure system for medical practices to communicate electronically with the rest of the health system. Nearly all the clinical communications used in New Zealand are shared through HealthLink and it is the largest provider of clinical messaging services in Australia. More than 13,500 healthcare organisations and professionals exchange 100 million-plus electronic messages a year via HealthLink.

Acquired by Clanwilliam Group in January 2017, MBS Platinum is one of Australia’s leading practice management systems for anaesthetists. Servicing the industry for decades, Medical Business Systems is at the forefront of specialist medical software development. MBS Platinum is used in private anaesthetic groups and stand-alone single anaesthetist users Australia wide. The software provides clients with the most comprehensive Billing, Diary and InTheatre package available.