HealthLink Joins Clanwilliam Group - Clanwilliam Group

Healthlink, Australasia’s leading health systems integrator, joins Clanwilliam Group.

Written by:

Stephen Byrne

Marketing Executive

A ground-breaking New Zealand company helping healthcare professionals worldwide to share patient information has been acquired by a global medical technology and service company

Global healthcare technology specialist, Clanwilliam Group, has taken a majority shareholding in HealthLink, Australasia’s leading Health-system Integrator. The Dublin-based Clanwilliam Group consists of a number of healthcare technology and services businesses in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Australasia.

The purchase brings Clanwilliam Group’s investment in Australasia to nearly $NZ70 million so far this year, including another New Zealand company, pharmacy software provider Toniq.

The investment in HealthLink will help to unlock further growth for the company, with the potential of market expansion and product development support from Clanwilliam’s global network.

Graeme Stretch CEO and Tom Bowden (founder, former CEO and now Director of Industry Relationships) will continue in their current roles and remain as directors and shareholders of the company.

Graeme Stretch, CEO of HealthLink says: “Clanwilliam Group’s investment is clear recognition of the importance of the Health-system Integrator’s role in integrating information flows within the modern health system. We have a common belief that information technology can be of great benefit to the delivery of healthcare and can best be achieved by connecting information systems, allowing healthcare providers to automate and streamline their existing processes.

“We are very grateful to Waterman Capital for partnering with us to grow the business over the past five years, their support has been invaluable.

“One of the opportunities this will provide us with is giving us access to new markets for technology we have developed and implemented in Australia and New Zealand. Involvement with Clanwilliam and parent company Eli Global gives HealthLink truly limitless marketing and sales opportunities.”

HealthLink provides a secure system for medical practices to communicate electronically with the rest of the health system. Nearly all the clinical communications used in New Zealand are shared through HealthLink and it is the largest provider of clinical messaging services in Australia.

More than 13,500 healthcare organisations and professionals exchange 100 million plus electronic messages a year via HealthLink.

“We are proud to have an innovative company like HealthLink as part of our team,” Howard Beggs, CEO of Clanwilliam Group says. “HealthLink is a perfect example of a healthcare technology company that continues to innovate to help improve efficiencies, productivity and reduce cost in healthcare. The seamless flow of patient information is a critical component of healthcare improvement, putting the most relevant information in the clinicians’ hands when they need it most.

Clanwilliam Group can add value to the New Zealand healthcare system by drawing on our 30 years’ experience,” he says. “We are building a global group of healthcare technology and services businesses who can work together to improve healthcare services and the experience for patients. We hope to continue to grow our presence in New Zealand and Australia. 

“In the United Kingdom Clanwilliam Group companies are helping to reduce the deficits of National Health Service trusts by about $NZ26 million annually,” Mr Beggs says.

“The major cost drivers affecting the New Zealand and Irish healthcare systems are the same – the impact of an ageing population and increased chronic diseases,” he says.

“Technology is a key enabler for increased productivity, efficiencies and cost-savings across all healthcare systems. All Clanwilliam Group companies are focused on driving further efficiencies within the healthcare systems they operate in.”

Under the leadership and guidance of Mr Beggs, the Clanwilliam Group supports entrepreneurial spirit.

Businesses within the group have access to a wealth of experience, technical expertise and resources as well as the opportunity to work alongside other health technology providers in the group around the world.