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Our Portfolio

Our current portfolio of 15 businesses deliver products and services that are widely used across every major healthcare setting, including:

  • Community & hospital pharmacy
  • General practice and medical consulting
  • Anaesthetists
  • Hospital
  • Care homes
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Electronic messaging

Many of our businesses are over 25 years’ old giving us a deep appreciation of the markets we operate in. This local knowledge is derived from our industry connections, alignment to strategic government healthcare agendas and our long-standing customer relationships.

We actively encourage collaboration across the entire Portfolio and have a number of Strategic Divisions that drive co-operation within specific customer bases and markets. This collaboration can mean anything from knowledge sharing, joint sales and marketing efforts, to technology/product integration. Connecting with peers who fully understand our unique challenges and opportunities helps us to build a stronger, more successful family of businesses.

And while there are many factors that lead to success in business today, nothing is more important to us at Clanwilliam Group than trust. We must trust our teams, our products and our strategic relationships, because without trust, we simply don’t have a sustainable business.

So when we refer to ourselves as a family of businesses, we are actually referring to our philosophy of trust and our common sense of purpose – two of the most valuable elements in any family.

Portfolio Companies

Hear from our Business Leaders

Martin Gladding, Managing Director maxwell stanley consulting

Acquired in March 2017, London-based maxwell stanley consulting helps enhance patient information and financial outcomes through tailored services to NHS providers, commissioners and the independent health sector.

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Richard O Leary, Managing Director Epic Solutions

Acquired in June 2016, Epic Solutions is best known for epicCare. Ireland’s leading web-based software system for home care and nursing homes. Trusted by over 65% of Irish nursing homes to manage the care records of 0ver 20,000 individuals.

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