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RxWeb Introduces Game Changing New Feature, One-Click Dispensing

Written by:

Stephen Byrne

Marketing Executive

RxWeb have introduced a brand new game changing feature, One-Click. RxWeb is the UK’s fastest growing web-based Patient Medical Record (PMR) system. A simple and straightforward system providing users with fast and intuitive workflows to streamline the whole dispensing process and other areas of pharmacy management.

This brand new feature was developed to dramatically speed up the dispensing flow for repeat items or items repeated to a patient. There are huge pressures on pharmacies in the UK to take a more service led approach. But to do this Pharmacists must free themselves up from time consuming tasks such as dispensing. RxWeb has been developing solutions and workflows to solve this problem saving users time and resources to redeploy elsewhere in their businesses.

After piloting One-Click for a number of weeks, feedback from users has been excellent! Over the coming weeks we will be switching on One-Click for each of our customers.

“One-Click is a true game changer for the pharmacy team.”
– Tej Heer, Kamal Enterprises

What are the benefits?

One-Click Dispensing is going to save you time. A lot of it! Based on a review of a typical community pharmacy, RxWeb estimate that up to 72% of EPS2 prescriptions could be eligible for One-Click Dispensing. With that figure, the following time savings can be made.

That’s a potential of 228 hours per year, which can be saved or redeployed within the business!

“I’m loving it! It makes the process so much easier and faster.”
– Mohammed Mokoddus, Catto Chemists

It is these types of efficiencies that we aim to develop and bring to our partners in healthcare settings across the world. If you are interested in learning more about the this new feature and RxWeb you can visit their website here: www.rxweb.co.uk