Sales and Marketing Summit 2018 - Recap - Clanwilliam Group

Sales and Marketing Summit 2018 – Recap

Written by:

Stephen Byrne

Marketing Executive

After months of planning and preparation the inaugural Clanwilliam Group Sales and Marketing Summit has come and gone. This was the first gathering of its kind in Clanwilliam Group – bringing together many of our sales and marketing professionals from all across the world to one location in Nice, France. Reflecting this and our Connected Health mission, our theme for the event was #ConnectedPeople.

We were lucky to be joined by 40 of our sales and marketing colleagues for this shared learning and networking event. Not only was this event a great opportunity for networking among peers and colleagues, but our attendees were also able to walk away with a number of practical takeaways and techniques that will help improve their sales effectiveness and performance.

We kicked off the event with an intriguing and thought provoking keynote delivered by Jamil Qureshi. Jamil is one of today’s foremost practitioners of performance psychology and is an expert in high performance. Jamil has enjoyed working with some of the most talented business and sports people in the world. Sticking with the main theme, we discussed networking and how our new connections can help us garner greater successes and identify better ways of doing things. As sales people and marketers, Jamil encouraged us to challenge our own belief systems and create  new mindsets built for success.

At Clanwilliam Group our people are our greatest source of knowledge, so it would’ve been a shame not to call on their expertise while we had them in the same room. A special thanks goes to our panel members, Lindsay Powers (RxWeb), Greg Atkins (HealthLink) and Matt Higgins (DGL Practice Manager) who stepped up and performed brilliantly.

Led by our conference moderator, Kevin Kelly, the panel discussed what makes a great sales person, what success looks like to them, how they deal with the pressures of failure and what keeps them motivated to smash their targets.

Moving on from the panel discussion, Kevin extracted the key points and delivered an exceptional sales execution piece focusing on leadership, storytelling and relationship building. A fitting close to the three day conference was provided by Greenline Conversations‘ founder Ian McClean. Greenline puts conversations under a microscope, offering skills that build conviction, resulting in better performance and better outcomes.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success, from the speakers and attendees to the venue staff and caterers, everyone played their part. As our family of businesses grows so too will our hunger to connect with each other to share our experience, knowledge and ideas.


See you all next year!