Strategy - Clanwilliam Group

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a global leader in healthcare, technology and services.

We believe that by working together we can have a greater impact on healthcare improvement worldwide.

Our mission is to work together to improve healthcare for everyone by connecting people, products and places within Clanwilliam Group.

Connected People – we have over 1200 brilliant minds across Clanwilliam Group. We encourage collaboration and idea sharing to help broaden our knowledge and skillset.

Connected Products – product integration can be critical to improving the flow of patient information, outcomes and experience. We actively seek collaboration opportunities or synergies that lead to greater efficiencies.

Connected Places – we bring technologies and services from one location to another, if we feel both the business and the customer will benefit.

This “connected health” mission allows us to build a stronger, globally united company that delivers sustainable value to our customers.

Growth strategy

Our mission and vision are long-term. We will continue to grow our family of like-minded leaders by investing in proven, profitable businesses across healthcare, technology and services. With every step, big and small, we are working together to improve healthcare for everyone.

Actively develop a global group of highly synergistic healthcare technology and services businesses via acquisition

To win new customers organically by taking a long term view and continuously investing in best-in-class highly innovative solutions

This strategy is designed to build a stronger, globally connected business that delivers sustainable value to our customers

Our approach

Throughout any acquisition, our top priorities are to preserve the positive brand equity of the newly acquired business and to keep both customers and staff happy.

Our core belief is to back the entrepreneur or management team that have successfully built the business to date. This approach ensures the original passion and vision is kept while our expertise and financial resources help strengthen the organic growth story.

Investment criteria

We invest in proven, profitable businesses that share our strategic vision. Our ideal partner has earnings greater than €500k, has a strong management team and a high proportion of recurring revenue.