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What We Do

Put simply, our products and services help healthcare professionals deliver safer, more efficient and better quality patient care.

Our solutions are trusted by tens of thousands of users every day in private and public clinical settings across the UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as other worldwide locations.

Our current portfolio of 15 businesses deliver products and services that are widely used across every major healthcare setting, including:

  • Community & hospital pharmacy
  • General practice and medical consulting
  • Anaesthetists
  • Hospital
  • Care homes
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Electronic messaging

Our Businesses

Many of our businesses are over 25 years’ old giving us a deep appreciation of the markets we operate in.

This local knowledge is derived from our industry connections, alignment to strategic government healthcare agendas and our long-standing customer relationships.

We actively encourage collaboration across the entire Portfolio of businesses. Collaborations can come in the form of anything from knowledge sharing, joint sales and marketing efforts, to technology/product integrations.

We believe that by connecting with other peers who fully understand our unique challenges and opportunities helps us to build a stronger, more successful family of businesses.

Our Portfolio

Click on our featured company videos to learn more about our products and services.

Download Our Global Product Portfolio

In this downloadable eBook, we’ll introduce you to each of our businesses and give an overview of the work they do and impact they have on the the healthcare sector. We’ll also share with you detailed descriptions of each businesses products and services.

If you’re experiencing any issues downloading the Portfolio please contact stephen.byrne@www.clanwilliamgroup.com.